Lao Jia Er Lu - Cannon Fist

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Two hand forms utilized in traditional Chen style Taijiquan are Lao Jia Yi Lu and Lao Jia Er Lu. Lao Jia Er Lu is also called Pao Chui or Cannon Fist and is the more complex of the two forms. It contains many explosive fajin movements and fighting techniques of Shan, Zhan, Teng and Nuo.

In this DVD, Master Wang presents:

  • – Front view demonstration of the whole form
  • – Side view demonstration of the whole form

Teaching of the form is broken into four sections. Each section begins with the names of the movements in English and pinyin.

For each movement of the form, a description of the movement is given in English and multiple camera angles show the movement in great detail.

This DVD is in PAL-Multi-Region format.