Weekly Workshop/Classes/Seminars

Manchester, England

Workshop/Classes held Tuesday and Thursday, 7 – 9 p.m.

Grosvenor St. Adants Church, Palatine Road/Parkfield Road South, Didsbury M20 6DA

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Please check this page regularly for updated seminar information.

In addition to weekly workshop/classes in Manchester, England, Grandmaster Wang extensively teaches internationally including London, England; Ireland; France; Bulgaria; Poland; and the United States. The following are currently scheduled seminar dates and locations:

UK London - 2024

February 10 and 11

April 27 and 28

September 14 and 15

December 7 and 8

Contact Info:

Grandmaster Wang Haijun

Phone: 0161-4326885

Andi Mantej

Phone: 020-7701 9186; 07904 663 425 (cell)

Galway, Ireland - 2024

February 24 and 25

May 11 and 12

November 30

December 1

Contact Info:

Galway – Niall O’Floinn


Limerick – Nick Gudge

Phone: 00 353 61 923023

Paris - 2024

January 20 and 21

May 18 and 19

September 21 and 22

Hésingue France - 2024

April 20 and 21

October 19 and 20

Contact Info:

Pierre Marais

Mobile: 0033 6 84388646

Dominique Klahr

Mobile: 0033 6 12045968

Hésingue France Heidi Lacher

Phone: +33 614 772 071

Bulgaria - 2024

February 3 and 4

October 12 and 13

Contact Info:

Vladimir Andreev

Phone: 00359 887 703 101

Petar Dragoev

Phone: 00359 899 977 110

Poland - 2024

January 27 and 28

May 1 – 5

August 31

September 1

Contact Info:

Radoslaw Panasiuk

Phone: 0048 693 233 887

Marek Balinski

Phone: 0048 601 593 790

Training with Grandmaster Wang Haijun

Since 1990, Grandmaster Wang has been taking his students to top level competitions in Henan province and the Chinese National Championships. His expertise as a teacher is demonstrated by the fact that his students have won more than 30 gold medals at these competitions.

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Testimonial from our Students

Adam Cwik

I first encountered Grandmaster Wang Haijun at a demo in 2005. At the time, I was greatly inspired by his mastery of the art and decided to take up Taijiquan classes. Since, I attended numerous of his workshops organised by Shifu Niall O Floinn and experienced firsthand the quality of his teaching. Grandmaster's energy, knowledge and passion for transmission are very palpable. Each encounter with him has been an opportunity to gain new insights into the practice and discover notions that would be difficult to grasp without such expert instructions. I felt privileged to learn directly from him and would encourage anyone to do the same if they get a chance.

Adam Cwik
Chen Tai Chi Ireland certified coach / Poland

Ollie Walsh

I have been training with Grandmaster Wang for over ten years now. The detail of his knowledge and his dedication to teaching means his instruction is second to none. The frequent seminars in the West of Ireland builds on the levels from our weekly classes and builds on the Chen Tai Chi community in the west

Ollie Walsh

Peter Mistrik

I have been practicing Chen style Tai Chi with Naill O’Floinn Tai Chi academy since 2013. Additionally I attend workshops with Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun on a regular basis. Niall’s dedication and Grandmaster Wang’s enthusiasm keep encouraging my desire for self improvement. I get a lot of enjoyment and relaxation from practicing Tai Chi. What I find the most important are the benefits for my health. My regular training has helped me to improve my posture and ease my lower back pain. I’m mentally more relaxed and focused in my everyday life and work. Practice has very much become a lifestyle for me now. I am very grateful to being able to train with Grandmaster Wang as i know there are very few teachers of this quality in the world.

Peter Mistrik
Chen Tai Chi Ireland junior coach / Slovakia

Maureen Rabbitt

Here in the West we are very lucky to have Grandmaster Wang Haijun. His proven skill at Chen Style Tai Chi is equalled only by his skill at teaching. This fusion of skill and teaching puts him in a league of his own. A man of great integrity, he has worked hard to embrace the needs of his Western students while staying true to tradition. He is a patient, meticulous, creative and accessible teacher. He has a very low stance – with one foot always firmly planted in Chen Village.

Maureen Rabbitt
Student, Master Wang and Niall O’Floinn since 2003 / Ireland