Eighteen-Step Form

A listing of the Postures of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei’s Eighteen Step Taiji Form

By Nick Gudge

The eighteen movement form was created by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei from the Old Frame first form of Chen Style (Laojia Yi Lu). It is only one quarter the length of the Laojia and consequently less demanding to learn. It is an excellent form to practice for the those interested in the development of good health and a stepping stone to learning the longer and more complex Old Frame first form (Laojia yi lu).

1. Preparing Form (Qi Shi)
2. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar (Jin Gang Dao Zhui)
3. Lazily Tying Coat (Lan Zha Yi)
4. Six Sealing and Four Closing (Liu Feng Si Bi)
5. Single Whip (Dan Bian)
6. White Crane Spreads Wings (Bai He Liang Chi)
7. Walking Obliquely (Xie Xing)
8. Brushing Knees (Lou Xi)
9. Stepping Lightly (Ao Bu)
10. Hidden Thrust Punch and Whirling Upper Arms (Yan Shou Hong Quan)
11. High Pat on Horse (Gao Tan Ma)
12. Side Kick With Left Heel (Zuo Deng Yi Gen)
13. Jade Maid Works Shuttles (Yu Nu Chuan Suo)
14. Cloud Hands (Yun Shou)
15. Turn Back and Wave Double Lotus (Zhuan Shen Shuang Bai Lian)
16. Head On Blow (Dang Tou Pao)
17. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar (Jin Gang Dao Zhui)
18. Closing Form (Shou Si)